Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland

Even the most experienced travelers will assert that Iceland is incomparable to any other country on the planet. The incredible beauty and strength of its natural elements make Iceland unique and vibrant.
Why should you be planning tours to Iceland? Here are some reasons:
Northern Lights
Due to its exceptional geographical position, Iceland Tour is one of the best tours in the world to experience the aurora borealis. These mystical solar lights impressed anyone who has seen them for thousands of years. It is an indescribable spectacle of nature that you will not be able to forget.

Fantastic landscapes
Iceland has recently become a popular destination for directors to film their blockbusters. The country has been the location of famous films such as James Bond, Batman Begins, and Oblivion with Tom Cruise and even Games of Thrones. The lunar landscapes, ice lagoon, and other wonders, are indeed helping to make the country the ultimate travel destination.

The divine natural hot springs
What would Iceland be without its natural hot springs? Adored by both visitors and locals, hot springs are places where everyone can revel in and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Even better! You can enjoy it throughout the year and literally everywhere, given that there are hundreds scattered across the country.

The adventure!
Planning tours to Iceland bring together the finest treasures of our planet earth: volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, small Scandinavian fishing villages, fjords, desert, black sand beaches etc. en route for adventure! You can also fully appreciate these Landscapes during a horseback riding on a typical Icelandic horse or during a hike on the most typical trail of the Land Mannalaugar world.
Nature in its pure state
Pure water, fresh air and geothermal activity that respect the environment make Iceland as the ideal destination to absorb all the strength and beauty of nature.
Its capital city Reykjavik
Its capital, Reykjavik, is absolutely charming, pleasant, sure, trendy and bubbling with energy! The city is full of colorful Norse houses, stylish cafes and charming local shops. Moreover, the architectural jewel of the Harpa, the beautiful bay, and the dominant Esja Mountain contribute to add an irresistible magic to the atmosphere of Reykjavik.

The Icelandic geniuses
Icelanders are happy people! Iceland has been one of the top 10 countries in the world for years. This is not surprising, given that the country is based on a developed economy, an excellent health system, long-established peace and a much-unpolluted environment. The icing on the cake is also the most egalitarian country in the world for women!
It's not so cold!
Due to its geographical position, there is a tendency to think that Iceland is a very cold country. This shot needs to be wiped out right away. The current flow of the Golf Stream, which originates in the Caribbean, flows to the Icelandic coast, which contributes to greatly moderate its climate throughout the year. As a result, in winter the temperature in Iceland rarely falls below -5 degrees. So you can be assured that it is much, much, colder in Montreal or New York!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Top 4 Destinations in North India

Wanderlust strikes all of us, compelling us to hit the road and just head out to places unseen. Knowing what to explore certainly helps, be it an international destination or one within India. Travel plans, we all know, are best made in advance.
Are you looking at exploring the North of India? Travel destinations worth considering in these parts of the country are numerous and varied. Your north India tours can soon become a reality, if you know precisely what you seek, and plan your itinerary accordingly. The following list can help you visualize each place and thus narrow down your search.

1. Amritsar: City of gold
Religion is a massive cohesive force in India. Travel plans are made on and around important religious occasions in the country. Talking of North India tours, the town of Amritsar in the state of Punjab pulls thousands of god-fearing and devout people throughout the year. Experience the magnificence of the Golden Temple-the city's most sacred and revered place. Amritsar is also a great destination for foodies of all kinds.

2. Srinagar: Paradise on earth
Srinagar is an epitome of natural beauty and sits pretty on the banks of River Jhelum. With beautiful mountains as the backdrop, and charming houseboats and handicrafts, this summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect touchdown for tourists. Srinagar is full of lovely waterfronts, fantastic flora and fauna, and exquisite gardens, which is why people of India travel to this 'Paradise on Earth' all through the year.

3. Gurgaon: Retail therapy in a millennial "village"
An instant pick-me-up, retail therapy finds favor with men and women alike. People from all parts of India travel to Gurgaon-the Millennium City-to indulge in just that. Replete with humongous malls that offer choices of umpteen brands, Gurgaon takes shopping to a whole new level. It is conveniently close to the capital city, and therefore highly accessible.
4. New Delhi: On a gourmet trail
Quite literally a melting pot of cultures and curries, New Delhi is the place to visit for sampling the delicacies of India. Travel to the capital city any time of the year and you will find locals and visitors alike partaking in various food festivals. Grub Fest, Delhi Food Truck Festival, and Palate Fest are some of the popular festivals revolving solely around mouth-watering food. Delhi's food walks are one of the high points of a food-specific north India tour of the metropolis.

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