Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dubai Hotels and What To Do In Dubai

Even before your flight touches Dubai mainland, you would be in awe of this place. The descending plane gives you a glimpse of this incredible city that you would be hooked long before you set foot on the land. As the city offers a whole lot of places to see and innumerable things to do, fitting everything in four days of your holiday is categorically impossible. But there are some really important things that you should definitely do during your holiday in Dubai. So, let's get started!

Things to See
There are a myriad of places you can see in this gorgeous city of Dubai. You may get overwhelmed by the long list. But with proper planning, you can definitely manage to see and enjoy some of the most important places in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa deserves attention and respect when it comes to the must visit places symbol of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa Tour begins at the foyer where you can view the history of Dubai and also that of the building. You can also visit the highest viewing area of the building (124th floor) by travelling on the world's fastest elevator (which travels at the rate of 10 meters per second). At the viewing deck you get to see beautiful, panoramic view of the entire city. The chances of viewing a city from such a great height may not come to you again, so do not miss it!

Dubai Creek: The Dubai Creek is a place that represents the city which existed before it became a glamour city that it is today. In short, this is a place where it all began. The Dubai Creek separates Bur Dubai from Deira and it is on the side of Bur Dubai that the Bin Yas tribe first settled. Today, Dubai Creek is a highly developed part of the city although it still carries the old world charm. Here, you can visit the Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, Jumeirah Mosque, Grand Mosque and several such important places. You can also enjoy the beautiful sights of the Dubai Creek while on a dhow cruise with including delicious dinner.
Dubai City Tour: Apart from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek, there are many other things that you should see in Dubai. Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, the Palm Island, etc. are some of these places. If you want to view the entire city in a few hours time, going on a city bus tour would be a great idea. These city tour buses take you to the important landmarks of the city and also allow you to get off the bus if you wish to explore something that interests you. This is a great way of sightseeing in Dubai if you are here on a short trip.

Things to Do

Dubai is a place where you can experience a flurry of activities. One sure thing about this place is that you would never get bored here, whatever be your age. There is no dearth of gardens, adventure parks, theme parks, beaches, nightclubs, etc. in this wonderful place. Here are some things that would keep you entertained in this desert land.

Desert Safari: Being in the land which was once only a vast area of desert, you cannot miss the desert safari. The desert safari tour comes in various packages which include a regular desert safari trip, overnight desert safari tour and a luxurious desert safari trip. There are also desert resorts that conduct safari tours for their guests. Whichever tour you choose, you would get a taste of the life in a desert. With camel riding, dune bashing, belly dancing and henna painting, you would have a great evening. In addition to this is the dinner with all the lip-smacking Arabic or Lebanese cuisine that would give a ravishing end to your day as well as the trip.

Show Cruise Dinner: The dhow is a traditional Bedouin style boat that was used for transportation as well as travelling in the olden days in Dubai. You can still see these dhows on the creeks, lakes and canals of Dubai but not as a vehicle of transportation but mostly in the form of floating restaurants. Dhow cruise dinners are conducted both on the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. These floating restaurants are decorated beautifully with lights and ooze a calm and relaxing environment. The lower deck is fully air-conditioned while the upper deck acts as an open air restaurant. Wherever you choose to sit, you can enjoy beautiful sights and mouth-watering dishes served in the buffet.
Ferrari World: Agreed that the Ferrari World is part of Abu Dhabi but you can surely assign one day or half a day for a trip to this spectacular amusement park. Situated in Yas Island, it would take you just 1.5 hours to reach the Ferrari World from Dubai. This adventure park is a proud owner of several thrilling rides. But the Formula Rossa definitely takes the price. This is the fastest roller coaster ride with a speed of 240 km/hour. Other rides you will find here include Fiorano GT Challenge, Mission Ferrari, Karting Academy, Mission Ferrari, Viaggio in Italia, etc.

Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is unquestionably a haven for foodies. It is a place that celebrates world cuisine. So, be it Arabic, Lebanese, American, India, English, Turkish or any other cuisine, you would definitely find a restaurant that serves it to you. Moreover, there are different kinds of restaurants too. While there are many fine dine restaurants where you get to eat gourmet foods, you also have the quaint restaurants which do serve delicious food but without charging too much money.

If you want to savour traditional Arabic food, head to Gahwet Mezze. The Arabic coffee served here is absolutely mind blowing. Other than this, the Koffeecake Corner, I love F Cafe, Delhi Durbar, The Chalet, Hollywood Burger, Calicut Paragon, China Sea, etc. are some other restaurants that you ought to visit during your stay in Dubai. The city also has the popular food joints like McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. if you want to stick to familiar foods.

Overall, Dubai is one of the most magical places on the planet and should definitely be next on your holiday list!