Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Why You Should Book A Mini Cruise In 2017

With a couple of nights relaxing on board the cruise ferry, and time to explore your chosen destination, it's a short holiday that's growing in popularity as more and more people seek to avoid the hassle and delay of the airport.

Europe has so many great mini cruise destinations you'll be spoilt for choice - from the picturesque beauty of Amsterdam's canals to the old world splendour of Copenhagen, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sample the local cuisine, check out the shops, and later cool down with a continental beer.

Popular destinations all year round include:

Oslo - Norway's stunning capital city and a true cultural hub, one of Scandinavia's highlights.

Amsterdam - Holland's lively capital city, perfectly situated in the Randstad, offering loads to see and do, with other cities and towns near enough for an easy day trip.

Zeebrugge - Belgium's popular seafront resort, just down the road from the wonderful medieval city of Bruges.

Belfast and Dublin - what better way to get to Eire or Northern Ireland by this time honoured mode of transport, atop the ocean waves.

Copenhagen - this great city has been immortalized in film and literature, but is a modern and buzzing metropolis while retaining its air of history and grandeur.

Cologne - one of germany's biggest cities, Cologne has everything on offer from stunning architecture to world class restaurants, the perfect place to discover the charm of Germany on a short break away.

Utrecht - this historic and picturesque Dutch city is perfect for those who want to venture further into Holland and see that beyond Amsterdam there are many rich and varied places on offer.

As the popularity of mini cruises continues to rise, new themed mini cruises have become available. There are fancy dress cruises to Amsterdam for Halloween, with onboard entertainment and sightseeing in the city, and there are even School Disco mini cruises so you can relive your youth on the high seas and have a dance to some real music! St Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day are also covered, so there are plenty of excuses for a party.

Festive cruise breaks are also extremely popular right now - Christmas Markets cruises offering you the opportunity to indulge in a pre-Christmas spree, and festive mini cruises for New years Eve, Boxing Day and the pre-Christmas period.

On board the ferry expect a high standard of service, with great tasting food and drink in the restaurant, lounges to relax in, an onboard shop selling fashion and accessories, and there are even bars and cafes on board for a relaxing drink.

Mini cruises are an inexpensive short breakArticle Search, the perfect way to seek out new cities and experiences.